Creating a Photo Essay Runs from July 1-31, 2010 Registration fee: $65 Limited to 15 photographers Register at my online store here or call Carol Leigh at (541) 563-3834 Often the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When we put together a series of photos (let’s say 10-15), not every shot has to be a “wow” image. As long as it’s clean and simple and helps tell the story, that’s what’s important. Our project, therefore, is to create a series of photos that, when seen as a group, tells the story of maybe a person, a place, an event, or a thing. For instance, to get ready for this class (which begins July 1st), I’m going to work on the local crabbing industry, which means that for the next 30 days I’ll be taking photos of crab pot preparation, loading the pots onto boats, loaded crabbing boats at the docks, boats heading out to sea, lighted boats at sea, bringing in the catch, etc. The challenge for me will be that (uh-oh) I’ll be photographing people, something I’m definitely not comfortable with. What will YOU choose? It could be something as simple as documenting the growth of a seed into a plant (assuming, of course, you pick a seed that germinates and grows within 30 days!). A bridge at sunrise, sunset, twilight, in the rain, fog, sun, etc. A particular street — stores, signs, people, animals, empty, crowded. It could mean setting up your camera in one place (a window in your house) and shooting the same scene at various times of day or night. Or what about your local farmers’ market? We’ll be talking about all sorts of ideas when the class begins. It’s the collection of images you create that makes our project interesting, not necessarily the individual photographs. Limited to 15 photographers. You in? Sign up today at my online store or by calling me at (541) 563-3834.