Carol Leigh, Photographer

September 2008

Teapot Through a Dirty Window
Found in Nye Beach, Oregon. Salt spray and dirt combine to create a very cool look.
Window on Mt. Hood
Leaving Portland for Santa Fe, Mt. Hood looms large just outside the plane window.
Mt. Hood off the Wing
Window seats . . . gotta love 'em!
Interesting Cloud Formation
There's probably an official name for a formation such as this, but I'm calling it very weird . . .
Edge of the Great Salt Lake
I believe this is one edge of the Great Salt Lake. The water's strange red color and the salty shoreline are quite striking.
More Aerial Abstracts
I wish planes were built like glass-bottom boats, where you could just look through the window (and photograph) throughout the trip.
Cinder Cone
Our approach into Albuquerque takes us near Petroglyph National Monument and this cinder cone.
Sculpture in Santa Fe
My workshop students lovingly dubbed this fellow "Raul."
Sculpture Detail
"Raul" dresses very well.
New Mexico Museum of Art
Colorful sign outside the Museum of Art, Santa Fe.
Architectural Detail
Around the Plaza in Santa Fe.
Green Chiles
The Farmers' Market at The Railyard in Santa Fe provides lots of color, lots of texture, lots of heat!
Olive Bread
For sale at the Farmers' Market at The Railyard.
Potatoes for Sale
Farmers' Market.
Just $2 for a quarter pound.
Weathered and Painted Wood
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
More Weathered and Painted Wood . . .
This piece of wood provided the base for a photomontage I created. You can see the result at
Los Paneles de Santa Fe: Blankets
I'm thinking about doing a series of collages depicting themes around Santa Fe. These panels are made of colorful blankets for sale in the Plaza.
Santa Fe Texture
I took little snippets from many photos and combined them into one collage all about texture.
Ranchos de Taos
Just because I could . . . I modified the texture of the adobe somewhat. 30 days from now I'll probably wonder what the heck was I thinking?!
Pecos National Historic Park
Kiva interior.
Our workshop group in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Notice the face in the mural peeking out behind Chris.
Workshop group version #2
Final day -- we're sunburned, tired, slightly giddy . . .
Chile ristras
Hanging in the Plaza in Santa Fe.
To see photomontages I'm creating as a result of this trip, click here.    
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