Carol Leigh, Photographer

August 2008

Flight to the East Coast
A family emergency requires me to head east. A window seat and a camera eases the tension.
Window on Mt. Hood
Returning home, arriving in Portland, Mt. Hood through the window. My online class will be photographing "doors, windows, and walls" shortly, so I'm thinking of them as I gaze out the window.
Mt. Hood off the Wing
Window seats . . . gotta love 'em!
Photo Exhibit at the Aquarium
At the aquarium looking for interesting doors, windows, or walls to shoot. This blue and golden scene caught my eye. Appropriately shot with a fisheye lens.
Dodge Ram
There's an antique car show going on in the aquarium parking lot -- hoo ha! I like the cool grey tones on the front of this old Dodge.
Yellow and Blue '37 Ford
Undeterred by big raindrops, I focused on the grille of this colorful old car. Centered and symmetrical. Love the "in your face" feel of it.
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