Carol Leigh, Photographer

May 2008

Fat Tire
Wanting shallow depth of field, I used a 50mm lens at f/1.8 as well as an extension tube to photograph the side of a glass.
Red Whisk
More fun with shallow depth of field. Again, a 50mm lens at f/1.8 and an extension tube and I'm a happy camper.
Opera Glass Meter
Our online class has a "faces in unlikely places" assignment and I'm finding faces right along with them, such as this electric meter.
Five Flammable
I began with a piece of muslin that I rusted, added a big brass five, and then ran with it. What look like watery reflections create vertical stripes.
Natural Six
What I like is how the number 6 echoes the shape of the nautilus. The direction of the nautilus, the 6, the dragonfly, the oval stamp all lead our eye along a diagonal line from lower left to upper right. And then, to create a bit of tension, the wheat stalk, rogue that he is, is headed off in a completely different direction.
Cleared 4 7Up
Two different photos of an old 7Up sign combine with a photo of a 1927 California license plate and other elements for this depiction of a metal "4."
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