Carol Leigh, Photographer

March 2008

When I don't feel like going anywhere to shoot, I stop by the aquarium, where there's always something. The sea nettle exhibit is challenging, but who can resist the colors? 18-55mm lens, 1/60 second at f/5.6, ISO 1600. Fish swim overhead in the "Passages of the Deep." 18-55mm lens, 1/40 second at f/4.5, ISO 1600. I'm beginning to scan some old images into the computer, such as these shots taken in Chinatown, Los Angeles, back in 1988. I was using Kodachrome 64 and Fujichrome 100 at the time. This is firecracker debris.
A happy Buddha stands outside a shop in Chinatown. Closeup of a Chinese mask. The Chinatown Teen Post.
A dog? A lion? A sculpture in Chinatown. We had a good day today. Checked out the fishing boats, where five sea lions were lounging around one particular boat where fishnets were being cleaned and repaired. Beautiful complementary colors of blue and orange, great texture from rust and salt.
More rust, more complementary colors, more texture. Love this stuff. Then over to Nye Beach, where the outside of Deep Sea John's house is always interesting to shoot. The sun came out (novel concept) and created bold shadows behind this birdhouse/trellis arrangement.
Second-story window in Nye Beach. Window detail, Nye Beach. Close-up of a . . . sculpture. I will say no more.
Nye Beach mailbox. A row of colorful mailboxes in Nye Beach. Second-story window in Nye Beach.
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