Carol Leigh, Photographer

February 2008

We've now moved on to "kitchen art" in my online class. So at breakfast I noticed the colors in and under the tea kettle. And the colors are even complementary! Amazing how all this links together.
From the students: "I look around my kitchen and I can't find anything to shoot!" I approach a blender. It's so cool how the more we look, the more we see. Here's a view of the blender lid. More "blender art" as a blue glass starfish hanging in the kitchen window reflects onto the lid of the blender.
A pumpkin-colored cutting board behind the blender provides the rich color. And once again, complementary colors raise their pretty little heads. Playing with razors . . .
Colorful razors. One more time. Clouds and fog move up the Alsea Bay in Waldport, Oregon. I love this combination of bright light and foggy mists.
Pacific Northwest graffiti. I don't know if this was the intent, but I get a feeling of a pine tree, an eagle, and a fish (the eagle's meal). The red and black combination imply Pacific Northwest to me. The "A" train. I've not photographed train art in a while and so on this non-rainy day that was my goal. Alas, just one train in town and not much to work with. Everything old is "new" again. At least on this boxcar.
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